Xias Pollination Technician
Name Xias Pollination Technician
Gender Male
Age Elder
Life state Ghost Alien
Career Unemployed
Children Hairy Vag KPopp
Traits Hopeless Romantic, Inappropriate, Loves the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Absent-Minded
Sign Scorpio
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 11
Where's my baby, alien jerk!

–KPopp, engraving his tombstone after discovering it outside

Xias Pollination Technician was the first alien Baby Daddy that Kelly KPopp had a child with (the only other being Voohon Vajjer).

KPopp was excited to see an alien on the lot because she had just got Kelly pregnant by Cornell Riffin, a vampire, so another Sim with a different life state would make the challenge even more interesting.

In Episode 23 when Kelly invited Voohon Vajjer to her home, there was an alien named Xopop Pollination Technician that was listed in her phonebook, presumably a relative of Xias.


Originally, Kelly had tried to try for baby with Xias in the shower. However, literally just before it could happen, he died of old age. KPopp found his tombstone outside.


Kelly kept his grave though and sure enough, eight episodes later, whilst Xias rose from the dead and visited the KPopp household. Kelly tried for a baby with him once again, and was impregnated, Kelly gave birth to her only ghost alien child Hairy Vag in Episode 19.