All of the KPopps have such unique personalities, but haven't you ever wondered, what type of whore you would be like? Now you can find out using this questionaire! Check the results in the end to see who your most like. Don't forget to keep score.

Questionaire made by Scrufflestrillion.

How much would you fill your hunger meter?Edit

  1. Nom nom nom nom FOOD! 
  2. A normal amount. 
  3. I'd eat on a very tight schedule.
  4. I'd eat what I can find.
  5. What's food?

If you were a forced whore, would you hate your family?Edit

  1. Sometimes, but I'd love them overall.
  2. No, just, where the men/women at? 
  3. I'd love my family, but I feel they'd love me more!
  4. Ugh, yes, words cannot explain.
  5. I'd make it. 

What would your whore standards be? Edit

  1. You better treat me right!
  3. If the head whore agrees.
  4. Anyone to get back at the head whore.
  5. Someone whos natural with me 

How would you treat your offspring? Edit

  1. They'll be tough and independent!
  2. They'll find their way around, hopefully...
  3. I'd let them be the center of attention and spoil them so. 
  4. I'd be very nurturing.
  5. I'd teach them the ways. 

How far would you go to make babies? Edit

  1. They'd better know to stay in bed!
  2. Batten down the hatches, lock the doors, move the kids, etc.
  3. They'd be crazy not to love me!
  4. While everyone else is mating, I'll make my escape.
  5. I'd keep them occupied or something. 

Which KPopp are you like the most?Edit

If you got only two or more of:

  1. You're most like Bitch Pudding KPopp.
  2. You're most like Kelly KPopp.
  3. You're most like VaggySunshine KPopp.
  4. You're most like Accident KPopp.
  5. You're most like Anorexia KPopp.

But, if you got one of each then you're most like Sewage Skank KPopp, If you got two doubles and a single then you're most like Ruben Z. Dix KPopp.


I'm most like Ruben Z. Dix... never thought I'd say that. -Scrufflestrillion


I got Bitch Pudding... WooHoo! -DerpyDash17

I got VaggySunshine, I AM THE GOLDEN CHILD! >:D -BaconSammich

Ruben Z. Dix... that was unexpected. -Hmjb1993

Anorexia.... Yay?? -Ciakyle

I got VaggySunshine. I can already taste the power...>:D Muahahaha! -JohnJcshua

Yasssssss I got Bitch Pudding :D -Slappuccino

Put who you're most like in the comments below ;). 

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