Vallari Chandra,

"the Red Bitch"

Name Vallari Chandra,

"the Red Bitch"

Gender Female
Age Adult
Life state Vampire
Career Spa Specialist
Spouse Accident KPopp
Hair color Brown
Body shape Thin
Traits Hot Headed, Snob, Clumsy, Coward, Kleptomaniac
Lifetime wish/aspiration Gold Digger
Favorite music Kids
Favorite food Pancakes
Favorite color Red
Other information
First appearance Episode 1
Oh no! It's the "Red Bitch!" No, anyone but her! She is our sworn enemy!

–KPopp, declaring Vallari Chandra her enemy

Vallari Chandra, better known as "the Red Bitch," is Kelly KPopp's sworn enemy since episode 1. She knew she was bad news with just one look at her intense love of the color red. Kelly was right not to like her because Vallari was only after the KPopp riches, so she went for the one child who's hatred for Kelly was stronger than even hers, Accident KPopp. After Accident was kicked out to live on his own, Vallari eventually got married to him. She obviously doesn't love him and only wants fame, the KPopp fortune, and to ruin Kelly's life in any way possible.

At a party in episode 19 she is seen running super fast around the house. Clearly, she turned from being a human into being a vampire in her quest for power. She appeared again just to wreck things in episode 23 when she passionately kissed Ruben Z. Dix after he kissed her, then she broke Kelly KPopp's computer and left before trying for a baby with Ruben. Its likely that she kissed Ruben knowing that Accident wouldn't break up with his mother's sworn enemy no matter what. It also seems Kelly and Vallari are now on better terms and are friendly with each other. The hatred she had for Kelly lived on until Kelly's final breath in episode 43. In episode 43 after Kelly died, Vallari walked out of the theater Kelly was at on her date with Pablo Martinez, and after Kelly' tombstone appeared Vallari began to clap and cheer. She also hit on Duck face after Kelly's death.

She is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, can be found on The Sims Wiki.


  • Episode 19 - not wearing red?!
  • Kissing Ruben Z. Dix in front of Kelly
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