Uncooked hotdogs on the countertop

The Wieners are an item the KPopp family members love to constantly take out without us knowing. Every episode, starting with Episode 24 when they first moved into the current house, they have either appeared on the counter, island or the dining table.

Poppy Cat is also seen levitating and haunting the wieners.


Hot dog culprit

Bitch Pudding holding a plate of wieners

It is either VaggySunshine KPopp, Bitch Pudding KPopp, Kelly KPopp or Anorexia KPopp. Rumors have spread that it is Bitch Pudding taking them out, because in Episode 36 she was seen with a plate, but it cannot be proven.

In theory, it could also be party guests who keeps bringing the wieners since Kelly throws a lot of parties. In Episode 48 another party is thrown and Sewage Skank is seen bringing a plate of cooked wieners with her and putting them on a counter.

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