The clap after
The Clap KPopp

(originally Sutter Horse)

Name The Clap KPopp

(originally Sutter Horse)

Gender Male
Age Adult
Life state Unicorn
Hair color Blue and pink
Traits Brave, Playful and Clueless
Other information
First appearance Episode 17
We need to get a unicorn pet, that would be bad ass!

–KPopp, Episode 35

The Clap KPopp is a pet unicorn found by Kelly KPopp, he is treated better than any other pet.

KPopp added The Clap to the active household because she thought Kelly was going to soon die of old age, so KPopp thought Kelly deserved a pet unicorn. Kelly was riding the unicorn all night because it was the one thing she wanted to do.

The Clap was first discovered by Kelly in episode 17, but was added to the active KPopp household in episode 35.

KPopp had edited The Clap after adding him to the KPopp household. When he was found, he was originally black and brown, not white and blue. The Clap's original name was Sutter Horse. His voiced was also changed. His name is named after Sewage Skank KPopp stood outside the house for a day clapping, nicknamed the "Mad Clapper." 

The Clap has been showed to not be to willing to eat or take care of himself all of the time, as Kelly adressed in episode 47,"He apparently can eat, but he won't eat, because he's not willing." Although that time wasn't his fault because he was glitched in a bush.


  • before his makeover
  • after his makeover
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