The Bonehildas are skeletal maids, released into the KPopp house to clean. KPopp originally only had one Bonehilda, but soon experimented with adding more. There were ten creepy Bonehildas clapping and laughing about death, the creatures may be the Grim Reaper's pets.

The Bonehildas like to cause trouble and enjoy scaring the weak and cowardly Anorexia to the point of running around the lawn with her hands in the air, like she just doesn't care. In Episode 38 KPopp added supernaturals to the household using cheats which made a fairy Bonehilda and a zombie Bonehilda, which later turned into a toad.

Kelly later chose to get rid of Anorexia because they would always scare her. She also got rid of most of the bonehildas only leaving a remainder of the toad Bonehilda, fairy Bonehilda and normal Bonehilda. Unfortunately, the toad Bonehilda soon turned back to normal. 

In Episode 41, all of the Bonehildas gathered around the Grim Reaper with Poppy Cat as Accident died, not caring only wanting to clean and get with Grim.