Stray Dog
Stray Dog
Name Stray Dog
Gender Male
Age Elder
Life state Ghost Dog
Other information
First appearance Episode 29
Stray Dog was a dog who came to the front of the KPopp house and was added to the household using cheats. His first appearance was episode 29, when it was snowing ouside. He is an elder dog. KPopp also noted her game slowed down a by a little after adding the dog to the family.


Stray Dog was the third dog added to the family, after Rabbit Dog and Menice Little Dog. KPopp would have gotten rid of him, but she would have felt guilty for letting the dog have no home again. During episode 33, during a party, Stray Dog died of old age. In episode 43, his ghost showed up, but KPopp didn't pay attention to it, because there were babies to be made.


  • Stray Dog standing next to garbage
  • Happy Stray Dog
  • Stray Dog's death (Epi. # 33)
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