Stacia De Los Santos
Name Stacia De Los Santos
Gender Female
Age Elder
Life state Human
Hair color Grey
Body shape Thin
Other information
Oh no don't come in here and die, what is she doing...REALLY!? You rude, ignorant, old, senile, bitch! Did you really just turn on the music and tell me to gtfo?


Stacia ep12 profile

Stacia De Los Santos, was a Sim living in Appaloosa Plains during the Pregnant Challenge. She made a brief appearance in Episode 12 as she was one of the Sims with an online dating profile. Having aged up soon after this, she was introduced in person in Episode 13, "OLD SENILE BITCH!," which was named that because of her behavior towards Kelly KPopp.

The morning after Kelly woohooed with Keith Bedlington, Stacia got mad because she had to hear them while she was trying to sleep or possibly because Bertram Bedlington didn't woohoo with her (perhaps because he was in a relationship with Patricia). So, on a mission, Stacia marched over to the room Kelly and Keith were sleeping in. Kelly mistook this for the curse she has with old people spontaneously dying in The Pregnant Challenge while the KPopps are around, so she felt bad. But rage KPopp came out when Stacia revealed that she only went into the room to turn on the radio, wake Kelly KPopp up and tell her to leave.

Kelly got so mad that she went into the next room to insult Stacia. While Kelly KPopp was insulting Stacia, real life KPopp got distracted and zoomed into a cabinet with an uncomfortable looking giraffe and an evil owl, then accidentally zoomed out. When she zoomed back in, Bertram's wife Patricia Bedlington, screamed in Kelly's face. This made Kelly even more mad, so to get back at both Stacia and Patricia, Kelly began flirting with Bertram. After Kelly destroyed yet another household, she left them to go to a party.

In episode 19, KPopp triggers Stacia's age transition, killing her.

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