Slutty M. and baby Constipation
Slutty M. KPopp

(Slutty McGillicutty KPopp)

Name Slutty M. KPopp

(Slutty McGillicutty KPopp)

Gender Female
Age Adult
Life state Human
Career Beverage Consultant
Parents Kelly KPopp and Miles Schipano
Children EarthQuack KPopp, Constipation KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Athletic
Traits Light Sleeper, Athletic, Good, Coward
Sign Taurus
Other information
Baby daddies Anthony Springer, Voohon Vajjer
First appearance Episode #10 Horse Porn at the Gym

Slutty M. KPopp is the ninth child of Kelly KPopp. Her name was meant to be Slutty McGillicutty, but it was shortened to Slutty M. as it was too long. She is the twin sister of Sewage Skank, they were born in the bathroom of the Children's Barracks.


Slutty M. was kicked out along with some of her other siblings in the episode where Kelly moved away from the Children's Barracks because KPopp didn't like having so many people in the family.

Later though, Slutty M. was brought back. She, along with some of her other sisters, was taken into the Baby Farm to get pregnant. Other than Kelly, Slutty M. is the only one to have had an alien baby. She is also the only KPopp child to have a child with Kelly's Baby Daddies.

After having two kids, Slutty M. was kicked out of the active KPopp family along with Ruben Z. Dix, Constipation and Horn Dog.


  • Slutty M. as a toddler
  • Slutty M. as a child
  • Slutty M. as a teenager