Slut muffin young adult
Slut Muffin KPopp
Name Slut Muffin KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Career Consignment Specialist
Parents Sludge Hooker KPopp and Anthony Springer
Siblings EarthQuack KPopp, AWKWARD KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Traits Friendly, Loves The Heat, Loser, Kleptomaniac, Lucky
Sign Capricorn
Lifetime wish/aspiration Star News Anchor
Other information

Slut Muffin KPopp was the first child of Sludge Hooker KPopp, first grandchild of Kelly KPopp and the first male child born in the Baby Farm. He was the second child born in the Baby Farm.

His name was originally supposed to be Anal Dribble's name, but KPopp already thought there was a child named Slut Muffin, presumably mistaken for Slutty M. KPopp, his aunt. KPopp age-transitioned him, so she could kick him out and he is currently a Young Adult/Adult. Once he did age up, KPopp commented on what a cool dude he was and decided his life time wish could be to be a star news anchor.

He and EarthQuack hung around for the pregnancy party though. Once Supernatural was added to the game, Slut Muffin got himself a job as a Consignment Specialist.


  • Young Slut Muffin with stylish footwear