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Sludge Hooker KPopp
Name Sludge Hooker KPopp
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Alton Yamamoto
Children Slut Muffin KPopp
Hair color Blonde
Traits Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Heat, Mean Sprited, Dislikes Children, Insane
Sign Capricorn
Other information
Baby daddies Anthony Springer
First appearance Episode 3

Sludge Hooker KPopp is Kelly KPopp's third child and part of the first set of twins in the Pregnant Challenge. She was born just seconds before her younger twin brother Hookah Boots.

Early lifeEdit

After birth, like most other children of the KPopp family, she was aged up to a child to determine if she looked normal or not. She looked normal, along with her brother. KPopp says they got the cute gene, from the original butler of the Pregnant Challenge. The fandom thought, as a child, Sludge Hooker looked like Nicki Minaj. When she and her brother turned into teenagers, they still looked normal. Sludge Hooker is often known for her hair because of its wildness, with the huge spikes in the back. Sludge Hooker isn't particularly evil, but she is insane, like her older sister Anorexia.

While her mother Kelly was trying to have more children in Episode 4, Sludge Hooker most likely scared Jak Reynard away the first time he came round due to her repetitively slamming her face into the keyboard whilst on the computer. Back when it was just Anorexia, Sludge Hooker, Hookah Boots, and Pig Shanks living with Kelly, they all did their best to annoy Kelly the most, by setting up traps and dirtying the house whilst she was out trying to get a date. Sludge Hooker and the other kids often set traps up around the house just to annoy Kelly, and slept in her bed instead of the Children's Barracks, just to spite her. Sludge Hooker even held a police officer hostage once on a school trip, as there was a notification saying "Sludge Hooker... let the nice police officer out."

Current lifeEdit

Eventually, after being kicked out, Sludge Hooker moved back into the Baby Farm. She had the first baby of the first batch Slut Muffin. She was not happy when the butler then had babies with her sisters too, and slapped him. Sludge Hooker's insanity had increased by this time, as she was best friends with a car. KPopp renamed it "WTF IS THIS," and due to her insanity, Sludge Hooker was kicked out.

She was later seen at Kelly and Narwhal Rumplestilt's wedding.


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