Sewage Skank clap
Sewage Skank
Name Sewage Skank
Gender Female
Age Adult
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Miles Schipano
Siblings Slutty M. KPopp
Children Honey Boo Boo KPopp
Hair color Black
Body shape Slim
Traits Hydrophobic, Artistic, Couch Potato, Inappropriate
Sign Aquarius
Other information
Game The Sims 3
First appearance Episode 10

Sewage Skank KPopp "The Mad Clapper" is the twin sister of Slutty M. and the eighth child of Kelly KPopp. She was born on the bathroom floor of the Children's Barracks as Kelly did not get to the hospital in time. 

Sewage Skank was bald as a child and even as a teen and KPopp was worried she might stay this way forever. However, she was only bald until her adult years.


She was briefly brought back into the Baby Farm but KPopp soon got irritated by all of the computer-related notifications Sewage Skank kept causing, so when she discovered that she could not have as many daughters in the Baby Farm as she had wanted, it was not difficult for her to kick Sewage Skank out once again.

In Episode 31, Sewage Skank came to Kelly's wedding. OthaWhiteMeat didn't seem to get on with her. In Episode 32 she is nicknamed the "Mad Clapper" as she was stood clapping outside the house long after the wedding was over but only left when she wet herself causing her to become embarrased and run back to her home.

Sewage Skank has been brought back once again to try and have children and has been in the active KPopp family since Episode 39. Right before Accident's death she passed out, this was taken as a sign that Accident had to die. 


  • Sewage Skank as a toddler
  • Sewage Skank as a child
  • Sewage Skank as a teenager