Sage Oxendine
Sage Oxendine
Name Sage Oxendine
Gender Female
Life state Human
Career Paparazzi
Hair color Black
Body shape Normal
Traits Hates the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Angler
Sign Pisces
Lifetime wish/aspiration Swimming in Cash
Favorite music Latin
Favorite food Dim Sum
Favorite color Green
Other information
First appearance Episode 2

Sage Oxendine is a pre-made townie from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.

She first appeared in the Pregnant Challenge as a Paparazzi in Episode 2. She was clearly one of the more dedicated paparazzi, as she was willing to brave rain and hail to try and get the latest gossip on Kelly KPopp. Or she was just a bit stupid.

However, since Episode 3 she never featured in the challenge again and it is fair to assume she was deceased by the end of the 52 episode series, as she began as an adult.