Road waste teenager
Road Waste KPopp
Name Road Waste KPopp
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Ethan Parrott
Hair color Brown
Body shape Chubby
Traits Slob, Grumpy, Insane, Absent Minded
Sign Capricorn
Other information
First appearance Episode 7

Road Waste KPopp is the sixth child of Kelly KPopp. He is considered the ugliest of Kelly's children, and was said to look like the "Ermahgerd Girl" in his childhood years. Strangely, his younger brother Dick Ballswor's dad is his grandfather, so Dick Ballswor is also his uncle. Although they are from the same family, KPopp says that Dick Ballswor is average looking, whereas Road Waste was "hit with the ugly stick," Road Waste's face is scrunched up and hideous, it also looks like "road waste."


As Road Waste was kicked out with the other five kids in the house, KPopp has come across him a few times when out looking for her kids to recruit for the Baby Farm. She always chose someone else over him though because he's one of the lesser-liked children. However, KPopp suggested that she try to have each KPopp child have a child of their own to make the family tree look amazing, so we may see Road Waste again soon.

In episode 49 it was seen through the family tree that Road Waste was boyfriend to Bertram Bedlington's now presumably ex-wife Patricia Bedlington.


  • Road Waste as a toddler/child
  • Road Waste as a child
  • Road Waste as an ugly teen