Rabbit dog large profile
Rabbit Dog KPopp (originally Belle Little Dog)
Name Rabbit Dog KPopp (originally Belle Little Dog)
Gender Female
Age Elder
Life state Dog
Hair color Blonde and dark brown
Body shape Fit
Traits Hydrophobic
Other information
First appearance Episode 25

Rabbit Dog KPopp is one of the animals of the KPopp family to have been actually adopted. Her name was originally Belle Little Dog, but KPopp thought she looked like a rabbit so she renamed the dog Rabbit Dog.

She is known for guarding the entire KPopp house or guarding Kelly KPopp while she sleeps.

Rabbit Dog was kicked out along with Menice Little Dog, Anorexia and Tallywacker. Kelly followed Rabbit Dog in Episode 39 and found out they now live in a nice house which she is slightly jealous of.

Kelly was dissapointed at the appearance of Rabbit Dog because she did not look like a rabbit as Kelly expected.


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