Want to start a Pregnant Challenge like KPopp? This page may help you with that!

KPopp-style Sims 3 Pregnant ChallengeEdit

Getting Pregnant

The familiar scene of trying for a baby

In this type of Pregnant Challenge, you create your sim-self (or create a female version of yourself) and choose a house. Next, you get your sim to have as many babies with as many different men as possible. Then you try to make every single one of them have babies. 
  • You may use any cheats, including the money cheat and making friends instantly.
  • You may get your kids to adopt. (Not too much! Try to have a kid normally as much as you can.)
  • You may disable aging.
  • You may quickly age up your kids, with or without cheats.

Sims 2 Pregnant ChallengeEdit

If you have The Sims 2, the challenge can be much more difficult, because of how strict relationships are, you can't change age settings either. You start by making a female sim with the Family or Romance aspiration, then you make as many babies with as many different men as possible. Then you try to make all of them to also have babies.

  • You may use cheats.
    • You may use the money cheat.
    • You may disable aging.
    • You may use "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" then spawn the "Tombstone of Life and Death"
      • You may use "Make me friendly with all Sims here" with the tombstone.
      • You may use "Make Sim selectable" (like "Add to active family") or "Get Family Member."
      • You may use "Age Transition", or "Age Transition Cinematic."
      • You may not use "Speed up a pregnancy."
      • You may not use "Impregnate a Sim."

Sims 4 Pregnant ChallengeEdit

We are excited for The Sims 4! Since The Sims 4 is coming out in the future, it may be possible to do a Pregnant Challenge with the game. We will write the rules for this challenge when we get to play The Sims 4, or if KPopp starts a Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge series.

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