Ghost Poppy Cat
Poppy Cat
Name Poppy Cat
Gender Female
Age Elder
Life state Ghost Cat
Hair color Gray
Other information
First appearance Episode 24

Poppy Cat is the KPopp family's first ghost cat. She was taken from the Parrott household in episode 24 when KPopp spotted it in the bedroom with Hookah Boots and Jazlyn Parrott.

Poppy Cat was first seen in episode 11 in Kelly's relationship panel after her previous cat, Mango Marshall, mysteriously disappeared. She scrolls over Poppy Cat thinking that she is Mango, but she isn't. Whether or not Poppy Cat was related to the disappearance of Mango is unknown.

KPopp had bought loads of kitty items for Poppy Cat and got really excited. KPopp was even going to rename her "KPoppy Cat" but she accidentally age-transitioned Poppy Cat to death. This made KPopp very sad.

Poppy Cat is now a ghost cat and seems to be constantly haunting her house. This infuriates Kelly because she never goes away and scratches up their furniture nearly every day and levitates random objects.

The Bonehildas love to annoy Poppy Cat along with the other animals. They try to pet her and teach her tricks but she just hisses and gives them the cold shoulder then floats away. The Bonehildas don't like it when Poppy Cat pees on the floor. 

In episode 47, when KPopp tried to move Poppy Cat's grave, it wouldn't because she was using it. When KPopp read her epitaph it said; "Here lies Poppy Cat, somewhat missed." Then KPopp defended Poppy Cat saying she is never missed, because she is always around and is a boss. 


  • Poppy Cat never goes back to her headstone even after the sun rises. 
  • In Episode 2 of KPopp's Sims 3 Into the Future Let's Play, she bought a virtual pet and named it Poppy Cat 2.0


  • Into the Future, Poppy Cat 2.0
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