Pig shanks a
Pig Shanks KPopp
Name Pig Shanks KPopp
Gender Male
Life state Alive
Species Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Jak Reynard
Children Bitch Pudding KPopp
Hair color Ginger
Traits Never Nude, Ambitious, Clumsy, Couch Potato, Great Kisser
Sign Capricorn
Other information
First appearance Episode 4

Pig Shanks KPopp is the fifth child of Kelly KPopp. He is said to be the "prude" as he was given the Never Nude trait, KPopp commented on the fact that he is a prude in a house of sluts. KPopp has also wondered why he is redheaded, as she could not recall any baby daddies who have red hair.


Although he was never noticed much, KPopp brought Pig Shanks back in the Baby Farm era. KPopp wasn't sure whether he was cut out for the Pregnant Challenge, so she had him adopt instead. Currently he has had only one child named Bitch Pudding who was adopted, she is the mother of Kelly's first great-grandchild.

In episode 39 we see him as a Zombie, due to KPopp adding the Supernatural expansion. KPopp didn't even recognise him though and assumed he was another man flirting with Kelly.


  • Pig Shanks as a toddler
  • Pig Shanks as a child
  • Pig Shanks as a teenager
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