OthaWhiteMeat KPopp
Name OthaWhiteMeat KPopp
Gender Female
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Robert Olsen
Traits Family Oriented, Clumsy, Over Emotional, Loner
Sign Scorpio
Other information

OthaWhiteMeat KPopp is Kelly KPopp's twelfth child and is VaggySunshine's twin sister. Kelly originally wanted to name her OtherWhiteMeat but it didn't fit. She hasn't been in the active KPopp household since she was kicked out as a child.


Being the twin sister of the fabulous golden child VaggySunshine, OthaWhiteMeat has always been neglected. She is hardly ever mentioned by KPopp and she has probably been forgotten about her. OthaWhiteMeat is the second KPopp child to look very similar to Kelly KPopp (the first and only other being Cinderblock).

OthaWhiteMeat showed up to Kelly and Narwhal Rumplestilt's wedding, where she seemed to have problems with Sewage Skank. Since then several people have requested that Kelly bring her back to have kids as part of the challenge.


  • OthaWhiteMeat as a toddler
  • OthaWhiteMeat some time after she was kicked out
  • At Kelly's Wedding