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Narwhal Rumplestilt
Name Narwhal Rumplestilt
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life state Human
Career None
Spouse Kelly KPopp
Children Bradford Avilla, Kerry Kasmir's unborn child, Accident II KPopp, Binge-Eating KPopp
Hair color Red, white, and blue
Body shape Fat
Traits Grumpy, Insane, Charismatic, Inappropriate, Kleptomaniac
Lifetime wish/aspiration Heartbreaker
Other information
Baby mommas Bitch Pudding KPopp, Anorexia KPopp
First appearance Episode 1 of Impregnate all the B*tches!
He makes that booty shake, booty shake, booty shake, til that booty juice comes out, 'shaking that booty.

–KPopp, introducing Narwhal

Narwhal Rumplestilt was the main character from the IMPREGNATE ALL THE B*TCHES! series, which was the inspiration for the new pregnancy challenge videos featuring Kelly KPopp. He was accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Boots Honeypie the American horse. Boots was taken away in the second and final episode because he was neglected. Although Narwhal tried to re-adopt his sidekick, the adoption agency quickly stopped him.

Narwhal and Boots were brought back to the current Pregnant Challenge as of episode 28. A notification appeared stating Narwhal had been electrocuted to death. 

Narwhal Rumplestilt has unfortunately met an unfortunate demise from electrocution. Too bad Narwhal didn't leave electrical problems to a trained professional...

But upon future investigation, Narwhal was found in his home, along with his horse Boots, roaming around the backyard. Narwhal was disgraced and embarassed about this scene.

In episode 30, Kelly became romantically involved with Narwhal and proposed to him, and now they are married, but in a later episode Narwhal left Kelly's house, despite them being married. He took his children Accident II and Binge-Eating with him and moved to the house next to his horse, Boots. This was to take care of Boots and the foals along with the newest babies of the KPopp family, because Boots was left alone with her children at Narwhal's old home.