Mona ep 27
Mona Holbrook
Name Mona Holbrook
Gender Female
Life state Human
Children Jeb Holbrook, Clarence Holbrook
Hair color Dark
Other information
Baby daddies Ruben Z. Dix KPopp
First appearance Episode 23

Mona Holbrook is Ruben Z. Dix KPopp's fourth baby momma, and mother of Clarence Holbrook. KPopp christened her "the girl with the badonk" when she first saw her at the pregnancy party.

KPopp forgot that Ruben Z. Dix had got Mona pregnant as she was not living with the other three girls that had his babies. KPopp was subsequently not notified of Clarence's birth as Ruben Z. Dix had already been kicked out. Pig Shanks KPopp went to visit the Holbrook household, and tried for a baby with Mona. However we did not hear the pregnant jingle. We never found out if Mona had another KPopp baby as her family moved away when Jeb Holbrook died.


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