Meow Kid
Meow KPopp
Name Meow KPopp
Gender Female
Age Child
Parents Aunt Ana KPopp
Alijah Lott
Siblings Family Tree
Hair color Black
Traits Creative
Lifetime wish/aspiration Whiz Kid
Other information
First appearance Episode 20 (The Sims 4)

Born in Episode 20 Meow is the 7th Child of Aunt Ana.

Meow got her name because KPopp didn't look at her comments so she didn't know what to call it, but whilst deciding on a name her cat meowed so she called the baby Meow. KPopp also stated that Meow was creative because she wasn't wearing the same outfit all the other kids were wearing and she said that Meow looked like Clementine from The Walking Dead.

In episode 21, KPopp decided that Meow was going to be the new "chosen child".

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