Accident KPopp, the first child of Kelly KPopp

Meet the KPopp family!

What are the KPopps?Edit

The KPopps are all of Kelly KPopp's descendants born in the Pregnant Challenge. KPopp tends to name them somewhat dirty or unpleasant names. She does not pick most names, most names are suggested by her fans. The KPopps add much personality to the series.

Who are the KPopps?Edit

Although there are over thirty KPopps, there are some in particular who are a huge part in the series. Accident was the first born child of Kelly, and he has impregnated a female sim that was not part of the KPopp family, as well as married Kelly's mortal nemesis Vallari Chandra. Hairy Vag is one of KPopp's favorite sims. Hairy Vag is known as the best sim ever, because he is a ghost and an alien as well. KPopp has attempted to impregnate the entire town with ghost alien babies, but failed when Hairy Vag became bugged. VaggySunshine is known as "the Golden Child." because of this, Kelly did not kick her out the house when she was a child, and she always had a role in the Baby Farm. Cinderblock was known as the deformed child, because when she was supposed to grow up into a teen, she acted like a child, had the body of a child, and the head of a teen. Cinderblock then became extremely bugged, in a way that KPopp stated Cinderblock would give her nightmares. Bitch Pudding is currently the only KPopp to be adopted. she had an ongoing role at the Baby Farm. There are plenty more important KPopps, but you can find out more about them in the KPopp family tree page.

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