The Mansion Eras began in Episode 14, it consists of two eras. The first era began between the Children's Barracks era and the Baby Farm era. This was a time of peace for the children. They were not forced to live in some odd living quarters, but they each had their own rooms. The second era began right after the Baby Farm era ended.

The First MansionEdit


Downstairs of first KPopp Mansion

In the beginning of this era, Kelly KPopp moved into her first mansion where she first tried the process of locking the doors on the visiting men excluding her family.

The Modern MansionEdit


Upstairs of modern mansion

Soon after Kelly moved to her first mansion, KPopp saw the empty house next door and got envious of how nice it looked. She moved the household into this house with her family. However, she moved with the doors still locked on the guests she was trying to have kids with, and they presumably died. Later in this era, Kelly decided to head off to college. Not for the education, but instead for the babies. The strict no baby-making rules of the campus caused Kelly to drop out, although she did get to know more men who she would later invite to the mansion in baby-making groups.

Diabeetus KPopp was born in this era. Kelly had this child with Cameron Winn, a Paparazzi who refused to leave her house. More recently, Cameron has reappeared in Episode 23, stalking and taking pictures of the family. Additionally, it was here where Xias Pollination Technician, the Ghost Alien, who rose from the dead to have an Alien Ghost Human baby, Hairy Vag KPopp, with Kelly KPopp. The result was arguably equal to VaggySunshine KPopp ,"the Golden Child," in awsomeness.

The Mansion Era ended in Episode 21 when Kelly moved and made the more effective Baby Farm. When moving, she left behind Hairy Vag.


Kelly had four kids while living in this house.

The Dream Mansion (The Victorian house)Edit

Current house

The Dream Mansion

At the end of the Baby Farm era, another Mansion Era began. Kelly found her "dream mansion." KPopp stole this house by killing most of the Parrott family. 

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