Mango ep4
Mango Marshall
Name Mango Marshall
Gender Male
Age Adult
Life state Cat
Parents Oopsie-Daisy Marshall
Siblings Fred Marshall
Hair color Grey and White
Body shape Fat
Traits Playful, Quiet, Adventurous
Other information
First appearance Episode 4

Mango Marshall was the first pet of the KPopp household. When adopted from Felipe Marshall in Episode 4, Kelly couldn't decide between Mango and another selectable cat Fred because they looked pretty much the same. She eventually picked Mango, then Felipe ran away wanting to keep things strictly business, but its okay because Kelly later ruined his marriage. Mango was stuck at the Marshall household until Episode 5 when Kelly teleported Mango into his new home. Mango aged up into an adult in Episode 6 but started to feel neglected in Episode 7, so Kelly began playing with him. In Episode 10 Kelly moved all of her kids out of the household but kept Mango.


However right after the move family screen goes away, the video skips to a later time where Mango has disappeared without Kelly noticing. He was taken because Kelly had the neglectful moodlet. In Episode 11 Kelly mistook a raccoon for Mango still not noticing her cat was missing until she saw the neglectful moodlet.


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