The Wikia website and hence the layout has changed since this page was made and odds are the template isn't quite the same either. However, some of the below information is still relevant for page creation.

Hello, it's Hmjb1993, here's a quick and easy guide to making a page about a Sim. Here's how I made the Bertram Bedlington page.

Create the pageEdit

At the top right there's a button to contribute. Click it, then click add a page. I always choose blank layout for more freedom.

Add a new page

Make sure you spell the page name correctly!

Using the Sim templateEdit

On the right side of the editor there are three options - Add features and media, Categories and Templates. If you are in visual mode you can click add other templates and find the "Sim" template.

Sim template

You can enter as many or as few details as you wish, using preview to see how it looks. Putting square brackets around a word or phrase will link to the page on this wiki with that name (if it exists).

Adding more contentEdit

Personally I prefer source mode, and this is what it looks like. You can use double or triple apostrophes to make text italic or bold.


Notice that using | within a link will mean that the link will go to the page but display the latter text. Also, when you are typing in a link the wiki will suggest where you maybe connecting to.

Picture perfectEdit

I like adding slideshows. You can use the Add slideshow option from add features and media to use this.


You can add a picture to the Sim template too, but you will need to use the source text in the template, eg. for the picture in the Sim template on this page it is bertram_wiki.jpg.

Preview first!Edit

You can preview the page to check that it looks how you want it to - I definitely recommend it!


If you are happy you can click Publish.

All done!Edit

Congrats you have made a page!

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