Leeann Diamond
Name Leeann Diamond
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Life state Deceased
Species Human
Children Keenan Diamond
Hair color Brown
Other information
First appearance Episode 7

Leeann Diamond first appeared in Episode 7, she is actually the Sim to whom the title "Gold Digger After My Son" is referring.

Leeann fist met Kelly KPopp when she came home from school with one of her sons. She soon became hated when Hookah Boots started having a romantic interest in her. She then said "Wealth and Riches, that's all that matters to me. Call me anytime!" to Road Waste and later asked him on a date, which ticked Kelly off. KPopp figured out she was a gold digger, and quickly got mad at her but kept her cool because Hookah Boots had a crush on her (also because you can't fight teenagers!)

Much, much later in the Baby Farm Era, she became a victim of Ruben Z. Dix, by becoming his second baby momma. She was impregnated after Marjorie Madrigal, and before Sonia Jasper. They all lived in the same dwelling and all had their sons minutes apart. She delivered Keenan Diamond in Episode 24 while the others gave birth to Kendrick Madrigal and Nolan Jasper respectively.

A notification of her death appeared in Episode 32.

Leeann was an in-game birth because no information can be found about her. Her being a gold digger could be due to the fact of her last name, Diamond. She may be related to Barrington Diamond.


  • Leeann as a teen
  • The hated message
  • (in episode 8)
  • As an adult