Kristie Parrott
Name Kristie Parrott
Gender Female
Life state (Might be a Vampire)
Parents Hookah Boots KPopp and Jazlyn Parrott
Siblings Ismael Parrott, LaShawn Madrigal, Jarvis Parrott, Ethan Parrott
Hair color Brunette
Traits Friendly, Heavy Sleeper, Diva
Sign Capricorn
Other information
First appearance Seen on family tree in Episode 27
Who's this demon? Kristie Parrott? Whose baby is that? Hookah Boots... But that looks like a demon baby it doesn't have eyes. I mean I understand it's a vampire but geesh.

–KPopp, On seeing Kristie on the family tree in Episode 43

Kristie Parrott is the first granddaughter of Kelly KPopp not to be born at the KPopp household. She is Hookah Boots' second child and Jazlyn Parrott's fourth child.

Kristie may or may not be a vampire, as her mother is one, but we do not know as we have not seen her on camera - all we know of her is what we have seen on the family tree - which is not much.

When KPopp saw her on the family tree for the first time, she was confused as she had kicked Hookah Boots out before she was notified of the birth of his children.

As she was born so late in the series, the family tree is seriously messed up. For example Jarvis Parrott is both her cousin (as their fathers are brothers) and her brother (as they have the same mother). Road Waste is technically her nephew (as his grandmother is her mother) as well as her uncle (as her father is his brother).


Kristie's Family Tree in Episode 27