Kendrick Madrigal
Name Kendrick Madrigal
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Ruben Z. Dix KPopp and Marjorie Madrigal
Siblings Keenan Diamond, Nolan Jasper, Clarence Holbrook, LaShawn Madrigal
Traits Friendly, Light Sleeper
Sign Pisces
Other information
First appearance Episode 24

Kendrick Madrigal is the first of Ruben Z. Dix's batch of four babies. Born outside of the KPopp household, his mother Marjorie Madrigal is one of the much hated paparazzi.

When Hookah Boots went to see Marjorie, Kendrick was lying on the front porch, proving that Kelly KPopp is not the only bad mother in the town.


  • Try for Baby with Marjorie Madrigal
  • Keenan (left) and Kendrick (right)