Keenan Diamond
Name Keenan Diamond
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Ruben Z. Dix KPopp and Leeann Diamond
Siblings Kendrick Madrigal, Nolan Jasper, Clarence Holbrook
Traits Heavy Sleeper, Virtuoso
Sign Pisces
Other information
First appearance Episode 24

Keenan Diamond is Ruben Z. Dix's second child and one of Kelly KPopp's grandsons. His mother Leeann Diamond chose his name.

As Hookah Boots was in the house when Leeann and Keenan got home from the hospital, KPopp saw Leeann and wondered where Keenan could be. Of course, he was on the floor.

Oh, he's in the bathroom, just waiting to be stepped on when someone goes to take a bath. Really truly despicable. I hope you bitches are proud of the type of mothers you are.

–KPopp, when she found Keenan

On the family tree he looks very similar to his half-brother Clarence Holbrook.


  • Keenan (left) and Kendrick (right)