Kate Lyon
Name Kate Lyon
Gender Female
Age Young adult/adult
Life state Human
Hair color Blonde
Body shape Fit
Traits Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic
Other information

Kate Lyon is a female Sim living in Appalosa Plains. She was targeted by Hairy Vag as the next baby momma in episode 40 in the gym, but that did not work out due to the KPopp family having too many Sims. She was seen in earlier episodes, usually at the carnival. She is also usually seen with Leeann Bowman. In episode 41 she is seen being a Slut as she tried to cheat on, Leeann, Hairy Vag and Jose with the Grim Reaper while Bitch Pudding was trying to get the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper didn't want that baby momma drama and he told them both off. 

Kate could possibly be lesbian with Leeann Bowman, although sexual orientation is decided by the game. This is unlikely as when Hairy Vag spoke to Leeann, the game said she was in a relationship with Jose.

She appears to wear her athletic clothing everyday.

In episode 49, there is further evidence to support that Kate is bisexual, because she is seen recieving flowers from and making out with Aimee Riggins at the costume party. shortly after the kiss, Kate was deleted using the "Delete it" cheat along with Christopher Roach in the Chan household. 


  • Kate Lyon is shown to most likely be bisexual. Because when we first see her, she is seen being flurtatious with Leeann Bowman but she is married to Jose. Later in the series, she went out with Hairy Vag, and is also seen making out with Aimee Riggins as well as recieving flowers from her. 
  • It is possible that she didn't want to try for a baby with Hairy Vag because she was secretly a lesbian.


  • Hairy Vag's phone
  • Kate talking to Leeann Bowman
  • In the gym
  • Kate making out with Aimee
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