Jeb Holbrook
Name Jeb Holbrook
Gender Male
Age Child
Life state Human
Parents Mona Holbrook and Tam Holbrook
Siblings Clarence Holbrook
Hair color Brown
Body shape Thin
Other information
First appearance Episode 26

Jeb Holbrook was a child Sim who first appeared in Episode 26, living in Kelly's first house, the Children's Barracks, with his mother and half-brother.

At 1 am on the night Pig Shanks met Mona Holbrook, she left Jeb alone at the Childrens Barracks in the snow, which wasn't the worst of what was to come. The Holbrooks had moved to the Baby Farm house by episode 27. Jeb was seen again talking to Pig Shanks at the door and as Hailey Shepherd hit on Tam. Later in this episode Kelly got a notification saying that Jeb Holbrook died and that the family had left town. Kelly speculated that they murdered Jeb and left town running from the law, and potentially taking Pig Shanks unborn baby with them (we do not know for sure if Mona was pregnant.)

We don't know much about Jeb because he died only one episode after we saw him. He was most likely deleted with his family by the game to prevent over-population in the town.

  • Jeb in the Children's Barracks
  • Jeb greeting Pig Shanks
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