Jaime Whitney
Name Jaime Whitney
Gender Male
Age Elder
Life state Ghost
Career Butler
Children Duck Face KPopp
Hair color Brown
Traits Family-Oriented
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 17

Jaime Whitney is the second butler to become a baby daddy in the Pregnant Challenge. He is Kelly's thirteenth Baby Daddy, father to her seventeenth child, Duck Face.

Kelly was going to call for a maid when she saw how many old plates of food were lying around the kitchen, then she decided to call a butler instead so she could use him in the challenge. KPopp got confused when she saw Jaime out of his butler clothes and mistook him for a different Sim.

In episode 20 KPopp age-transitioned and killed Jaime along with Aleksey Lopes to attract the Grim Reaper so she could try to become his friend.