250px-Holden Wozny
Holden KPopp (né Wozny)
Name Holden KPopp (né Wozny)
Gender Male
Life state Human
Spouse VaggySunshine KPopp
Hair color Brown
Body shape Thin
Traits Good Sense of Humor, Absent-Minded, Great Kisser, Handy, Bookworm
Lifetime wish/aspiration Professional Author
Favorite music Electronica
Favorite food Hamburger
Favorite color Lime
Other information

Holden Wozny is a Sim from Appaloosa Plains. He was living peacefully with Gwen Glover before the KPopp family got involved.

Holden is technically called Holden KPopp now as he married the flawless VaggySunshine KPopp, also known as "the Golden Child." They had a private wedding so no one even knew they were married. In fact, VaggySunshine soon moved back to the active KPopp household, leaving him with pregnant Gwen Glover (by Duck Face) to contend with. 

Holden is a pre-made Sim that can be found in the family bin and can be found on The Sims Wiki.

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