Hashtag KPopp
Hashtag KPopp
Name Hashtag KPopp
Gender Female
Age Child
Species Human
Parents Aunt Ana KPopp
Malcolm Landgraab
Siblings Family Tree
Hair color Blonde
Traits Art Lover
Lifetime wish/aspiration Social Butterfly
Other information
First appearance Episode 22 (The Sims 4)

Born in Episode 22 Hashtag is the 8th Child of Aunt Ana.

Kelly named her Hashtag because she stated that she had seen a lot of people in the comment section asking hashtag to be a name, she didn't know why though. After she named Hashtag she was surprised that there was only one baby because her sims have twins so often. She was also pleasantly surprised at the fact that she wasn't wearing the same outfit all the other kids were wearing. Hashtag is the first child of Malcom and Aunt Ana.

Kelly has named Hashtag the creeper of the family as all she seems to do is stare at other KPopp family members which makes her slightly uncomfortable.

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