Hairy Vag2
Hairy Vag KPopp
Name Hairy Vag KPopp
Age Young Adult
Life state Ghost Alien
Parents Kelly KPopp
Xias Pollination Technician
Children Davis Lum
Hair color White
Body shape Thin
Traits Absent-Minded
Couch Potato
Dislikes Children
Sign Aries
Lifetime wish/aspiration Gold Digger
Favorite food Hamburger
Favorite color White
Other information
Baby mommas Lily Lum
First appearance Episode 19
He is the most amazing Sim ever!

KPopp, on realising Hairy Vag was a ghost-alien

Hairy Vag KPopp is the coolest Sim to have come out of Kelly KPopp. His father is Xias Pollination Technician, who is a dead (ghost) alien. Hairy Vag is part alien and part ghost, making him the first alien child and the first ghost child. KPopp has admitted on many an occasion that she really hates the name Hairy Vag, and often shortens it to Hairy as it sounds more like Harry, which is less offensive.


As a teen he already had a three star celebrity level probably because he is so cool. Kelly went to his graduation because he is one of the kids she actually likes. He was originally wanted to be recruited for the Baby Farm, but was trapped and glitched in his home, stuck in a fountain. Kelly eventually was able to reset Hairy Vag, because for some reason it did not work before.


Since Episode 40, Hairy Vag has not been stuck in the mansion any more and has lived in the KPopp household once again. He tried to flirt with two women, but they both refused to have his ghost alien babies.

Hairy Vag might have really struggled in this challenge as he has the Dislikes Children trait, but in Episode 43 Hairy Vag impregnated Lily Lum, and she eventually gave birth to his first and so far only child.


  • Daron puking at Hairy Vag
  • Glitching out with rabbit dog
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