Gussie Bell
Gussie Bell
Name Gussie Bell
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Ghost
Career Paparazzi
Hair color Brown
Body shape Fit
Traits Great Kisser, Never Nude, Athletic
Sign Aquarius
Lifetime wish/aspiration Hit Movie Composer
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Cheesesteak
Favorite color Black
Other information
First appearance Episode 1

Gussie Bell is a pre-made townie from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.

As the first ever paparazzi, Gussie Bell was a part of Kelly KPopp's rise to fame. He did not want to have babies with Kelly (he must have known what she was up to) but a desperate Kelly flirted with him anyway so he assumed he could come in. He began taking inappropriate pictures of her in the bathroom with annoyed Kelly KPopp and made Accident cry, he was soon kicked out.

A notification appeared in Episode 2 saying he died, the cause of his death was unknown.


  • Gussie Bell, Paparazzi, Episode 1
  • Kelly yelling about dirty photos
  • Gussie getting shots of Kelly peeing.
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