Felipe Marshall
Name Felipe Marshall
Gender Male
Life state Human
Career Desk Jockey
Spouse Kim Marshall
Hair color Brown
Body shape Fit
Traits Loves the Outdoors, Great Kisser, Unflirty, Technophobe, Good
Sign Cancer
Lifetime wish/aspiration Renaissance Sim
Favorite music Latin
Favorite food Tri-Tip Steak
Favorite color Aqua
Other information
First appearance Episode 1

Felipe Marshall was a pre-made sim from Appaloosa Plains, and is on the Sims Wiki here. He was one of the first men Kelly met but was never used to have babies with.

Kelly KPopp first met him in Episode 1 when she went to the festival. She saw him again at Benjamin Schmidt's costume party in Episode 3. After her twins were born, Kelly invited Felipe over to have babies, but Anorexia put him off and he ran away from Kelly. Kelly adopted a cat, Mango Marshall, from Felipe in Episode 4. Mango was still at the Marshall household, and when KPopp went to look for him she saw that Felipe had a wife, Kim Marshall. Kelly tried to break them up, but due to his unflirtiness she couldn't easily have a kid with him so she just gave up.


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