Have you started your own Pregnant Challenge on The Sims? Tell the community more about it on this page! Are you finding it a struggle, or really fun? And just how are you naming all of those babies? Screenshots would be awesome too! 

Check out the Pregnant Challenge rules if you want to know more about the Pregnant Challenge!

CreamedCorn's attemptEdit

I re-started a new pregnant challenge a few days ago with a new sim called Lana Lozano. She moved to the town Starlight Shores  and began baby making. So far has 17 kids and 5 grandkids and I am naming them all normal names.


Patrick, Laramie, Darcy, Anslee, Annemarie, Gabriel, Elohssa, Victoria, Andre, Marina, April, Shayla, Payton, Marta, Pablo, Tyler, Savannah, Greg

Midget Glitch!Edit

I recently had the same glitch Cinderblock had where she became a midget. My sim Annemarie Lozano (which was a fairly normal looking kid) kinda aged up but didn't. She can do all the kid interactions and teen interactions, including holding a baby and drive. I will post as many pics whenever she looks creepy.

Hmjb1993's attemptEdit

Hannah headshot
: Full article: A Fresh Attempt at the Pregnant Challenge.

Click here to see a blog post about Hannah's first attempt, and here to see a (sort of) family tree for it! She's started another challenge now and you can see that here!

Ok, so I am really excited about this! I am starting another pregnant challenge, but it will more closely resemble what KPopp did this time. I have made a Sim that vaguely resembles me (darn you curly hair!) and I have given them the same traits as Kelly KPopp to help things along...

FloppyFluffy's attemptEdit

Full article: FloppyFluffy's attempt.

Click here to see my (sort of) attempt at the pregnant challenge!

Here are my "attempts" at the pregnant challenge. Please bear in mind that all the names and things technically belong to KPopp on the first challenge, and it's just a bit of fun.

SQUIDGEY101's attemptEdit

Full article: SQUIDGEY101's attempt.
This is going to be information about my attempt at this challenge. My Sim's name is Amy Hopscotch, and she has not been anywhere near as successful as Kelly KPopp was. She has 7 children, and I am naming them weird names as well. Some of them are named after Kelly KPopp's kids and a few names are from the Name ideas page, but not too many of them.

AnimeCupcakes' AttemptEdit

After watching some of Kpopp's Pregnant challenge I thought 'what the heck' and decided to make one of my own. Here is the result.
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