Ethan parrott ep 2
Ethan Parrott
Name Ethan Parrott
Gender Male
Age Elder
Life state Ghost
Career Kitchen Scullion
Parents Kanoa Parrott and Jazlyn Parrott
Siblings Ismael Parrott, Dick Ballswor KPopp, Kristie Parrott, Jarvis Parrott
Children Road Waste KPopp
Hair color Brown
Traits Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, Genius, Couch Potato, Handy
Sign Libra
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Cookies
Favorite color Orange
Other information
Baby mommas Kelly KPopp
First appearance Episode 2
Ethan Parrott first met Kelly KPopp in episode 2 when she was out looking for men, and went round his house in episode 6 to make babies with him. He was Kelly's fifth baby daddy and father of her sixth child, Road Waste. Within hours of getting pregnant by Ethan, Kelly was flirting with his father Kanoa Parrott. This eventually led to the birth of Dick Ballswor who is both Ethan and Road Waste's brother.

In episode 25 KPopp age transitioned and killed Ethan and his family so she could get their house. She accidentally added Ethan to the KPopp family at one point, so when he died the KPopp family got really depressed even though they didn't know him.

Also, note that Ethan's mother Jazlyn has had children with Accident KPopp and Hookah Boots KPopp, meaning Kristie Parrott and Jarvis Parrott are his siblings.

He was a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and can be found on The Sims Wiki.