The Sims 3 - GHOST BABIES!! Pregnant Challenge #40
Upload date June 1, 2013
Deaths Nolan Jasper
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Kicked out
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The Sims 3 - GHOST BABIES!! Pregnant Challenge 40

The Sims 3 - GHOST BABIES!! Pregnant Challenge 40

KPopp finally unsticks Hairy Vag, adds him to the active family, and sends him out on the town to get laid. He heads to the gym and there are Sims aplenty. Leeann Bowman and Kate Lyon are hugging each other to KPopp decides to "break up these lesbians". However they seem to be scared of ghosts. OthaWhiteMeat is also at the gym, but soon runs off. Hairy Vag offers Leeann flowers but she refuses them so he moves on to Kate. An elderly Daron Byrd pukes at the sight of Hairy Vag. Kelly is allowed to choose another trait as she has reached high status in a social group, and KPopp chooses the Computer Whiz trait, as this was automatically filled in. KPopp gets annoyed that Kate Lyon and Hairy Vag are unable to try for a baby in a shower at the gym. Toad-Bonehilda returns to normal. Hairy Vag invites Kate over but the try for baby option still does not appear so KPopp is disappointed. Thinking too many babies might be the cause, KPopp sends Hairy Vag to visit Anorexia to age up her newly born twins, but accidentally sends him to Anal Dribble's house. He eventually goes to Anorexia's house and waits for her to return form the park, enjoying a casual swim through the ground. Anorexia takes ages to return, causing KPopp to speculate about her true whereabouts.