The Sims 3 - Pregnant Challenge #4 Seasons
Upload date January 2, 2013
Births Pig Shanks KPopp
Pregnancies Kelly KPopp by Jak Reynard
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Matt Schipano, Mango Marshall, Kim Marshall
Kicked out
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Episode 3 Episode 5
The Sims 3 - Pregnant Challenge 4 Seasons

The Sims 3 - Pregnant Challenge 4 Seasons

While the main protagonist is still on her vacation, the second born child pees herself at her friends house. Then later, a baby daddy leaves before he impregnates the main protagonist. The baby daddy comes back again and impregnates the main protagonist. Then later, the children of the main protagonist goes to their very first prom and afterwards adopts a child, where she also gives birth to one.


Kelly is still on vacation. Anorexia pees herself at the Schipano house. The kids get a snow day. Kelly invites Jak Reynard over, but he leaves. Another paparazzi appears. Jak Reynard comes over again but leaves before they have babies, Jak Reynard comes again and gets Kelly pregnant. The kids go to prom. Kelly adopts Mango Marshall, but he remains at the Marshall house. Kelly gives birth to her baby.