The Sims 3 - Daughter Like Mother.. PREGNANT CHALLENGE #3
Upload date December 27th, 2012
Births Sludge Hooker KPopp, Hookah Boots KPopp
Pregnancies None
Introduced Sims
Introduced Sims Jazlyn Parrott, Rodney Singleton, Judd Schipano
Kicked out
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The Sims 3 - Daughter Like Mother.

The Sims 3 - Daughter Like Mother.. PREGNANT CHALLENGE 3

KPopp kicks out Accident, so he will end up in a house elsewhere in the neighbourhood. Kelly goes to Benjamin Schmidt's costume party and soon gains a Cheater reputation. Benjamin slaps Kelly at the party so KPopp makes her declare him a nemesis. Anorexia gets struck by lightning, and goes to school in her charred state. Kelly goes to another party hosted by Booker Singleton. Anorexia lays the first ever booby-trap for Kelly. Kelly has the first set of twins. KPopp accidentally allows Kelly to go away on holiday, so follows Anorexia instead as she goes Judd Schipano's house to study in her swim wear.

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