Dick Ballswor KPopp

(Dick Ballsworth KPopp)

Name Dick Ballswor KPopp

(Dick Ballsworth KPopp)

Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Kanoa Parrott
Hair color Brunette
Traits Grumpy, Artistic, Animal Lover, Hates the Outdoors, Couch Potato
Sign Aquarius
Other information

Dick Ballswor KPopp is the seventh child of Kelly KPopp. His name was meant to be Dick Ballsworth, but sadly it wouldn't fit. His older half-brother, Road Waste, is also his nephew, since Dick Ballswor's father Kanoa is Road Waste's grandfather. KPopp discovered this after looking at Kelly's family tree and was quite shocked when she found this out. Unlike Road Waste, Dick Ballswor has a much better appearance, his hair is neatly parted and his face is much better.


As with Road Waste, Dick Ballswor was kicked out with five other KPopp kids. KPopp has yet to recruit him for the Baby Farm. However, as KPopp suggested that she try to have each KPopp child have a child of their own to make the family tree look amazing, we may see Dick Ballswor again soon. In episode 42, he called Accident's funeral boring, but Kelly confused his face with Diabeetus.


  • Dick Ballswor as a toddler
  • Dick Ballswor as a child
  • Dick Ballswor as a teenager