Diabeetus KPopp adult
Diabeetus KPopp
Name Diabeetus KPopp
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Parents Kelly KPopp and Cameron Winn
Hair color Brown
Body shape Fat
Traits Friendly, Hydrophobic, Technophobe, Evil, Equestrian
Sign Scorpio
Other information
First appearance Episode 17

Diabeetus KPopp is the child of a paparazzi Cameron Winn, whom Kelly KPopp hated so much she had to break up with him twice. He is Kelly's sixteenth child.

Early lifeEdit

Diabeetus nearly suffocated and frozen to death in a layer of snow at the mansion the KPopp household was living in. Kelly had thoughts of making a snow angel and a snowman over the baby, but she had a shred of dignity for him, so she chose not to. VaggySunshine nearly saved him from freezing, but she set him back down. KPopp joked about how Diabeetus going to be a "baby popsicle." TittySprinkle eventually saved him from freezing.

He was kicked out as a child along with VaggySunshine, TittySprinkle, Ruben Z. Dix and Duck Face.

He appeared in a recent episode and he had grown up, and KPopp wasn't aware she had a child who looked like that.

Current lifeEdit

In episode 42, he was blamed for Dick Ballswor KPopp's rude comments about how the funeral for Accident was boring. Diabeetus is now unfairly hated because of this.

He was spotted working out at Swole On Fitness when Duck Face went there to search for women in episode 45.

In episode 47, Diabeetus returned to the main household and was found to be a teenager. He was quickly aged up to a young adult.


  • Baby popsicle
  • Toddler Diabeetus
  • Child Diabeetus
  • Young Adult Diabeetus KPopp