Constipation KPopp
Name Constipation KPopp
Gender Male
Age Teen
Life state Alien
Parents Slutty M. KPopp and Voohon Vajjer
Siblings EarthQuack KPopp
Body shape Slim
Traits Artistic, Heavy Sleeper, Absent-Minded
Other information
First appearance Episode 25

Constipation KPopp is the second child of Slutty M. and brother of EarthQuack. He is also an alien, like his uncle, Horn Dog. Constipation was oddly born only minutes after his uncle Horn Dog, and KPopp mentioned the awkward fact that they are the same age. This is because they have the same father, and Kelly and Slutty M. were impregnated minutes apart. Constipation was supposed to be named Constipated Zombie, but the name wouldn't fit.

Constipation and Horn Dog were aged up to children and moved out along with Slutty M. and Ruben Z. Dix. KPopp came across him in a later episode and wondered what was wrong with him, then she realised he is an alien.


  • Baby Constipation and his mother Slutty M.