Conrad Milam
Name Conrad Milam
Gender Male
Life state Human
Career Butler
Children Red Bull KPopp
Hair color Brunette
Other information
Baby mommas VaggySunshine KPopp
First appearance Episode 26

Conrad Milam was another unfortunate butler to the KPopp family. First Kelly WooHooed with him (as she was an elder and could not get pregnant), then VaggySunshine moved in to snag her second baby daddy. He is the father of her second child, Red Bull.

KPopp made sure that Kelly was not present when VaggySunshine was flirting with Conrad, so she had no idea he was cheating on her. Although, VaggySunshine tried for baby with him yet again, unknowing that she already had a child with him before. This could be a first for the Kpopp Family!

He's just two-timing her with her daughter, it's no big deal