Clarence Holbrook
Name Clarence Holbrook
Gender Male
Life state Human
Parents Ruben Z. Dix KPopp and Mona Holbrook
Siblings Kendrick Madrigal, Keenan Diamond, Nolan Jasper, Jeb Holbrook
Hair color Dark
Other information

Clarence Holbrook is Kelly KPopp's grandson. He is the son of Ruben Z. Dix and Mona Holbrook, the girl with the badonk. KPopp seemed to have forgotten that he was going to be born as she kicked Ruben Z. Dix out before she was notified that he was born. Very little is known about him as the Holbrook family moved to another town after Jeb Holbrook died.

On the family tree he looks very similar to his half-brother Keenan Diamond, but we won't know what he looks like as he gets older as he is no longer living in the neighbourhood.


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