Cheese Puff Teen
Cheese Puff KPopp
Name Cheese Puff KPopp
Gender Male
Age Teen
Species Human
Parents Aunt Ana KPopp
Julio Nix
Siblings Family Tree
Hair color Blue (Current)
Red (When Child)
Body shape Thin
Traits Good
Lifetime wish/aspiration Chief of Mischief
Other information
First appearance Episode 18 (The Sims 4)

Born in Episode 18 Cheese Puff and his twin Butter Balls are the 5th and 6th Children of Aunt Ana.

He and his twin where born looking absolutely nothing like his father Julio Nix or his mother, and nobody knows why his hair is bright red. He was also born with the same clothes that Tentacle Testi used to wear when he was little.

In episode 23, Cheese Puff was aged into a teen. He had a weird transformation because as a child he had long red hair, but when he aged up into a teen he suddenly had a blue Mohawk.

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