Chantrelle Riffin
Name Chantrelle Riffin
Gender Female
Life state Vampire
Parents Clement Riffin, Clarissa Riffin
Siblings Calvin Riffin, Cornell Riffin
Hair color Black
Body shape Thin
Traits Technophobe, Clumsy, Bookworm
Sign Aquarius
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Cookies
Favorite color Lilac
Other information
First appearance Episode 10

Chantrelle Riffin is a vampire who is the sister of Cornell Riffin, a man that Kelly KPopp had babies with. She was not upset, despite the fact Kelly had slept with him then dumped him. Her only appearance was episode 10. She is presumably no longer in the game due to Hairy Vag living in her former house in episode 40.

She is a pre-made Sim from Appaloosa Plains, and is on The Sims Wiki.